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Fabrizio Pezzino
by Antonella Gallo

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Self portrait in three colors. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 70 centimetres.Born in 1965, Fabrizio Pezzino can still be considered a young artist, or at least not a very old one. His other passion, jazz (he's a drummer), sometimes comes through in his painting. This is primarily acrylic and mixed media on canvas. there's a certain graphic aspect to his work, which is almost architectural in some way. there are a number of twentieth-century influences present here. This art is decidedly "contemporary" in style and tone. Its message, if one is present, is its fluid nature.

Using varied backgrounds --often sheets of music-- to highlight foreground elements, Pezzino presents the viewer with choices ranging from pieces of musical instruments to vague shapes formed by strong colour. Often black. Some of the forms seem vaguely human.

There's a theory that nothing created in today's art world is truly "original," yet Pezzino's work expresses itself through some refreshingly creative elements. He has abandoned, or perhaps ignored, the more popular, more painterly "Palermitan" style in favour of something seemingly more tangible. Something simpler. There are abstractions here, but no tricks. The artist is a good colourist.

Abstract architecture? That's how one critic described this work. Governed by the rules of physics, architecture can only take the casual viewer just so far. Art is not bound by such conventions, and Pezzino's art seeks to explore the unexplored. Here tangible forms float in air. No architectural structure could ever be quite this expressive.

Fabrizio Pezzino lives and works in Palermo.

About the Author: Artist Antonella Gallo teaches art in Rome.

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