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IMPORTANT: A num­ber of in­depen­dent "guides" in Si­cily offer ex­cur­sions (driv­ing you from place to place). Un­fortunate­ly, most of those found on the inter­net are not li­censed as tour guides, tour oper­ators or taxi driv­ers. This means that they probab­ly lack ac­cident in­surance that covers a client who (for ex­ample) in­curs an in­jury while walk­ing from the guide's parked car to an archeo­logi­cal site, such as the temples at Agri­gento and Se­gesta. Worse yet, some of these "guides" may de­ceive you into believ­ing that they are li­censed when they are not. In Italian law, on­ly a proper­ly li­censed com­pany qual­i­fies for the in­sur­ance de­scribed. In Italy the tour­ism/trav­el in­dustry is high­ly reg­u­lat­ed for your pro­tec­tion.

Personalized Tours & Holidays in Sicily
You imagine it, we create it. It's that simple – and it doesn't matter how large or small your group is.

You've just found a secret resource: one of the Sicily-based companies that organizes the tours sold by travel agents and tour operators around the world. Whether it's fully independent travel or a carefully planned itinerary created for a small or large group, we can do it. Best of all, you don't have to be a travel agent to work with us. Because we're based in Sicily, there's no intermediary "middle man" between you and us – the people actually developing your tour idea. That makes our service faster, easier and more efficient in every way.

We've organized all kinds of experiences. Here are a few of the most popular:

• Culinary tours featuring wine tastings, cooking demonstrations and visits to wineries around Sicily.

• Archeological tours with a focus on ancient sites.

• Adventure travel around Mount Etna, including jeep or helicopter excursions.

• Academic study tours for students or specialized groups.

• Riding, hiking or golf in eastern or western Sicily.

• Tours based on bicycling, hiking or other sports.

• Stays in rural retreats (agriturismo) and dinners in aristocratic palaces.

We're the kind of local (Sicily-based) company travel agents work with, but you don't have to be a travel agent to work with us. We can plan a fully-customized itinerary or travel experience for a group of virtually any size, whether it's four participants or fifty. We also organize business and incentive vacations. Nothing is left to chance. Our on-site personnel are highly trained and experienced, while our management staff boasts more native speakers of English than any other travel services firm south of Rome. Even more importantly, we're seriously dedicated to making your Sicily experience interesting, satisfying and memorable.

How many travel agents work with us? We're not at liberty to say, but we can tell you that we have all kinds of clients, and through our sister company (Sicily Concierge) we frequently work with well-known international travel concierge services – including those of a major credit card company and a luxury travel specialist network. In their effort to meet their clients' needs, they often contact us instead of their "official" representatives here in Sicily!

Tours for university students are described in greater detail on the site of our sister firm, Sicily Concierge.

To begin planning your tour, contact us today:

TO CONTACT US... to plan your tour of Sicily
TEL: +39 091 626 9685, FAX: +39 091 380 9900
From the United States or Canada you may also contact us at 312-239-0420.
Please remember that there's a six-hour time difference between Central European Time here in Italy and North American Eastern Time in (for example) Toronto and New York.

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