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Images of a Secret Sicily
by Vincenzo Mormino

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When most people think about the Sicilian landscape their first thoughts run to rocky mountains, stoney brown fields and eternal olive groves. Most of Sicily does indeed correspond fairly closely to this image, much of the time. But that's only part of it. There are also forests, streams, lakes and (at least for a few months of the year) a few snow-capped mountains, especially in the island's north-eastern regions, dominated by Mount Etna and the Nebrodi Mountains. That's where most of these pictures were taken by photographer Salvo Orlando. More can be seen on his website at sicilylandscape.com, where the images speak for themselves.
Autumn view of Mount Etna
One of the Campanito Lakes.
Southern slope of Etna.
Lake Maulazzo in autumn.
Nebrodi scene (left) and area between Sferro and Catenanuova (right).

About the Author: Vincenzo Mormino has written about wildlife and nature for Best of Sicily and hard-copy publications.

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