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History • Geography • Society
» Facts about Sicily
» The Land
» The People
» Timeline of Sicilian History
» Early History (1000 BC-AD 500)
» The Middle Ages (500-1500)
» The Modern Era (1500-present)
» Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
» Italian Unification (1861)
» The Kings of Sicily 1130-1860
» The Second World War
» Sicilian Autonomous Region
» Family History (genealogy)
» Onomatology (surnames)
» Heraldry (coats of arms)
» Faith and Religion
» Country Life
» Real Sicilians
» Genetics and Anthropology
» More Nature, History, Culture, Society
Peoples of Sicily Series
Vandals & Goths

Sicilian Culture
Arts and Artists
Sicilian Literature
Sicilian Language
Food & Wine
Sicilian Identity
Religions of Sicily
Invisible Sicily

» Eleonora Abbagnato (ballerina)
» Aeschylus (classical playwright)
» Saint Agatha
» Agathocles (Greek tyrant of Syracuse)
» Antonello da Messina (Renaissance artist)
» Archimedes (scientist)
» Giuseppe Balsamo ("Cagliostro")
» Vincenzo Bellini (composer)
» Benjamin of Tudela
» Paolo Borsellino (jurist)
» Bourbon-Two Sicilies Dynasty
» Andrea Camilleri (novelist)
» Stanislao Cannizzaro (chemist)
» Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi)
» Charles V (king of Sicily)
» Cicero (orator)
» Ciullo d'Alcamo (medieval poet)
» Cocalus (Sikanian king)
» Pompeo Colajanni (partisan)
» Constance of Aragon (queen)
» Francesco Crispi (prime minister)
» Maria Grazia Cucinotta (actress)
» Danilo Dolci (social activist)
» Diodorus Siculus (historian)
» Dion (tyrant of Syracuse)
» Ducetius (Sicel leader)
» Elvira of Castile (queen of Sicily)
» Empedocles (philosopher)
» Hugo Falcandas (medieval chronicler)
» Giovanni Falcone (jurist)
» Francis II (king of Sicily)
» Gorgias of Lentini (sophist philosopher)
» Marella Ferrera (fashion designer)
» Ignazio Florio (industrialist)
» Frederick II (king and emperor)
» Giuseppe Garibaldi (general, statesman)
» Johann W. von Goethe (writer)
» Libero Grassi (entrepreneur)
» Henry VI (Holy Roman Emperor)
» Abdullah al Idrisi (geographer)
» Jawhar as-Siqilli (Fatimid general)
» Joan (Plantagenet) of England (queen)
» Ibn Jubayr (geographer)
» Guido Jung (politician)
» Kokalos (Cocalus of Sikania)
» Francesco Laurana (sculptor)
» Laura Lanza (Baroness of Carini)
» Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (novelist)
» Francesco Lo Jacono (painter)
» Louis IX of France
» Saint Lucy
» Ettore Majorana (physicist)
» Manfred (king of Sicily)
» George Maniakes
» Margaret of Navarre (queen)
» Maria Sophia of Bavaria (queen)
» Mary of Aragon (queen)
» Francesco Messina (sculptor)
» Mario Minniti (painter)
» Nicodemus of Palermo (bishop)
» Odo of Bayeux (Earl of Kent)
» Saint Paul
» Plato (philosopher)
» Peter of Aragon (king of Sicily)
» Peter of Eboli (medieval chronicler)
» Luigi Pirandello (writer)
» Giuseppe Pitré
» Blessed Pino Puglisi (activist)
» Salvatore Quasimodo (poet)
» Scipione Rebiba (cardinal)
» Richard Lionheart (king of England)
» Roger I (Count of Sicily)
» Roger II (first King of Sicily)
» Saint Rosalie
» Savoy Dynasty
» Alessandro Scarlatti (composer)
» Leonardo Sciascia (writer)
» Emilio Segré (physicist and Nobel laureate)
» Giacomo Serpotta (sculptor)
» Giuseppe Di Stefano (operatic tenor)
» Stesichorus (Greek lyric poet)
» Luigi Sturzo (statesman)
» Timaeus (ancient historian)
» Saint Thomas Becket
» Giuseppe Tornatore (movie director)
» Giuseppe Verdi (composer)
» Fulco de Verdura (jewelry designer)
» Giovanni Verga (writer)
» Richard Wagner (composer)
» William II (king of Sicily)

» Aphrodite (Venus or Astarte)
» Arethusa
» Artemis (Diana)
» Charybdis
» Daedalus
» Gargoyles
» Hephaestus (Vulcan)
» Hercules
» Icarus
» Kyane
» Persephone
» Satyrs
» Scylla
» Sacred Mountain

» Ancient Acoustics
» Arabic Numerals
» Baroness of Carini
» Beati Paoli
» Benedictines
» Black Death
» Chess in Sicily
» Constantinian Order of St George
» Crusades and Sicily
» Discovery of Ceres
» Royal Dais
» Fascism
» Feudalism
» Four Queens
» Frederick's Falconry
» Frederick's Law
» Freemasonry in Sicily
» Genoard Park
» The Inquisition
» Jews of Palermo
» Jews of Syracuse
» Kanats
» Kings and Knights
» Knights of Malta
» The Mafia
» The Mattanza
» Medieval Architecture
» Megaliths
» Mikveh of Syracuse
» Muslim Law
» Noble Families Listed
» The Nobility
» Italian Law
» Nebrodian Byzantine
» Neoclassical
» Paper Making
» Palermo Cathedral
» Palermo Stone
» Punic Palermo
» Romanesque Gothic
» Revisionist History
» Risorgimento (unification)
» Schism of 1054
» Shakespeare in Sicily
» Sicilian Baroque
» Sicilian Vespers
» Siracusa (Syracuse) Cathedral
» Sulfur in Sicily
» Templars in Sicily
» Teutonic Knights
» Tournaments and Jousts
» Trinacria (symbol)
» Veils and Scarves
» The Wheel

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